Inclement Weather Updates


Use this page to find out information in regards to school closings due to inclement weather or emergency situations. 

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Preparing for Winter Weather

With cold weather and snow upon us it is important to familiarize yourself with the various ways in which our school & campuses announce school closings resulting from inclement weather.

During this time of year school administrators track weather patterns that could require us to cancel school. As we all know this can be an inexact science but we do our best to balance our first priority of keeping students and staff members safe with maintaining the schedule and routines that our families count on. Typically public school superintendents and our principal, along with the guidance and direction from the Office of Catholic Schools and the Archdiocese of Chicago discuss pending weather conditions the evening before and communicate again before dawn to make a final decision on school closings.

Our preschool – 5th Grade campus Principal will notify parents through our School Messenger communication system, which automatically calls parents, emails parents and will send them text messages, while our 6th -8th Grade families will receive communication via email only. The information used to contact families comes from the information the school has on file through the school’s student data system, PowerSchool. Please ensure your information is updated. If there have been recent changes or additions please notify your child’s campus secretary of any updates or changes to be made.  Parents are also notified of school closings through the school website, social media channels and will be added to


School Closing Information

Our school closing announcements will be made in the following way(s):

1. Automated telephone, email and Texting Notification System & Email for 6th – 8th Grade ONLY

School Messenger is an automated telephone calling system in which parents receive a pre-recorded telephone call from an administrator informing them of school closings and other emergencies. Parents also receive an email as part of the automated emergency system. Parents who sign up for a text message, will receive that form of notification as well. Be sure to update and/or confirm your information with your school secretary.

2. Website Closing Announcements

School closings are announced and updated on our school website

3. Facebook and Twitter Announcements

LIKE Catholic Consortium of Lake County on Facebook and Twitter and receive automatic notices of school closings.



Another resource parents can use is Please note that the emergency closings website is run by WGN Radio for the entire Chicagoland region and can be very slow during weather conditions that can result in a large number of school closings throughout Chicagoland.


How School Closing Is Determined
Weather: Our school Principal takes many factors into consideration before deciding to close schools or release students early. Our Principal consults with neighboring superintendents, discusses the matter with the transportation department, connects with the Official of Catholic Schools and Archdiocese of Chicago officials and may even talk to local communities about the roads and traffic patterns before coming to a decision. As a rule, our school will make every attempt to avoid early dismissal of students due to the age of our students and the difficulty in ensuring that a parent or care giver will be home if school is dismissed earlier than usual.

Our typical procedure to determine school closings related to cold is that if it is actually 20 below zero or greater temperature-wise, we consider school closure. We also consider closing if wind chill is 35 degrees below zero.

Even if the schools are open, the final decision about a child’s attendance remains with the parent. A decision to close or open school cannot take into account every circumstance. We can best protect the safety and welfare of all students if parents take an active role in deciding what is best for their student with regard to attendance.

Please keep in mind that any amount of snow or rain causes slower traffic. So even if the snowfall or inclement weather isn’t enough to cancel school, bus routes and traffic in general tend to take longer than usual.

Unforeseen Conditions: The superintendent or his/her designee may opt to close schools due to unforeseen conditions like a major system failure related to plumbing or electricity, for instance.